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Our site is dedicated to finding the best quality air hockey tables on the market. We have over 30 years experience in the home air hockey table business and our staff is always searching for the latest tables that meet our strict guidelines. We even have listed a few of the arcade style air hockey tables for those of you that want superior quality construction and parts. The majority of our website visitors purchase their air hockey table for home use so that is the category we focus most of our attention to. There are additional listings for tables used in the work/office environment as well.

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Best Sellers of the Month
#1 : American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table - A great blend of quality craftmanship and sleek design. For less than a $1000 you get a sturdy air hockey table (part of the Monarch AeroMaxx Series) that provides for smooth puck gliding over the playing surface. The overhead arch electronic scorer is a nice touch on the air powered hockey table and the Cherry finished cabinet with silver caps and trim add to the unique styling. Assembly is straight forward and the table goes perfectly in game rooms at work, recreation areas in churches or schools, or in your home. The table measures 48 inches wide by 84 inches across and 32 inches high. One of our all-time favorites for the money. Full review here.

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5 Star Rating
#2 : Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table - One of the few mid-range air hockey tables that gets above average owner comments. Measures almost 90 inches long and 48 inches wide. The 110v motor will provide air flow of 80 cubic feet per minute - the puck slides effortlessly across the smooth, glossy surface. You get deep inner rails, dual end rail puck returns, triangular electronic scorer, and a table that stands up well to kids. In our research and play on this table, it was one of the few in this price range that was easy to assemble, the electronic parts held up well (long term), and the air flow across the playing surface was consistent from day one. Great for households with active kids that want a change from video games. Full review here.

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5 Star Rating
#3 : Voit Viper Turbo Air Hockey Table - Another mid-range model that scores well with consumers and us. Great air hockey table for home use - put it in your garage, game room, or basement. The 7 foot table will provide hours of entertainment from kids to adults. We find that the table is very popular at family get togethers or when the neighborhood kids converge on our house during the summer months. The strong air blower is one feature we really like with the Viper table. You get even air distribution across the slick playing surface. The puck slides around without ever finding 'dead spots' like on other tables. The LED flip-up scorer on the rail works great. Had a little difficulty assembling the legs to the table, but otherwise the assembly went smoothly. Overall we give it 4 1/2 stars simply because long term durabilty has not yet been determined on this model. Full review here.

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4 1/2 Star Rating
#4 : Atomic Blazer 7-Feet Hockey Table - Very similar design and looks to the Voit and and Viper listed above. At just around $600 the Atomic is a good 'value' purchase. Although not as durable as the American Heritage, it will hold up better than the cheaper tables you find in sporting goods stores for $250 to $300. They just won't last with the abuse that kids put them through. The Atomic features 4 1/2 inch MDF aprons and 4 inch by 1 1/8 inch MDF rails. We like the 3/4 inch gloss PVC laminated playing surface and the heavy duty 120V blower motor. The overhang on the rails will also help reduce the puck bounce that you see on lessor quality tables as well. Escalade Sports did a good job of producing this table and for the price we consider it a 'good buy'. Full review here.

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4 Star Rating
#5 : Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table - A well made air hockey table that will outlast almost all the competition besides maybe the Dynamo Valley arcade tables. Mark Robbins (Air Hockey Champion) helped design this table and we like the wear-resistant laminate top - you get added durability which translates into years of high quality play. The low profile, aluminum rails are what you find on professional tables and the electronic scoring with sound is spot on. What's the drawback to this table? Price - it goes for over $1600 - but customers are totally satisfied with the table and the way it plays. If you want an authentic air hockey table that will hold up to years of active play, then consider the Gold Standard Pro Elite. Full review here.

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5 Star Rating

Newest Additions:
Fat Cat 7-Foot Storm Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Midtown Air Hockey Table

Blowout Sale:
American Heritage 390070 Electra Air Hockey Table - SAVE $100's!

Atomic AH800 Air Hockey Table - SAVE

Customer Testimonials:
"The American Heritage has held up perfectly in our game room at work - well worth the investment" Tom - San Jose, CA

"The kids love the Atomic table - easy to assemble for us and tons of fun for them" Suzie - Lubbock, TX

"Hathaway table has proven to be just what our family needed" Angela S. - Virginia Beach, VA

"Fast action air hockey on the Gold Standard - what a blast!" Tom - Fairbanks, AK

"Thanks for the advice on the Viper table - now our house is the favorite on the block" Stephanie - Federal Way, WA

With 100's of satisfied customers across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, we are always striving to provide more 'purchasing information' for our visitors. Thanks for supporting our site.


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