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Air Hockey Table Review

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American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table:

American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table - One of the best tables on the market period. Quality construction with a regulation size field. The overhead arch scoreboard is awesome - something you rarely see in home air hockey tables. There are also 2 manual scoring systems on the table if you prefer that. The tables surface features a screen-printed starburst design. The cherry cabinet has silver trim and caps making this a great looking table that has even airflow throughout the surface which means the puck will glide perfectly. Assembly is fairly straight forward - you end up with a very sturdy air hockey table. The one drawback is that the legs are not adjustable. If you have an uneven playing surface, say your basement floor, you'll have to put something like felt pads underneath the legs to try and level it out. Hopefully the manufacturer will solve that with any updates to the table in the future. Otherwise, the table plays close to the commercial ones found in arcades. Easy puck movement and a beautiful design. You won't be disappointed in this one. Reviews are positive from families, businesses, and social hangouts like churches or schools. Browse the most popular air hockey tables here.
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american heritage monarch american heritage monarch american heritage monarch


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