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Air Hockey Table Review

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Atomic AH800 Air Hockey Table:

Atomic AH800 Air Hockey Table - Every year this table is one of our most popular, yet it is close to $1300. Why? Because you are purchasing a quality air hockey table with all the features you would expect when spending that kind of money. The Atomic AH800 is stylish and looks great in social spaces at work as well as in homes. The table is a full 8 feet (regulation size) and it weighs almost 270 pounds. You know it's solid and the 6 inch post legs provide for added stability and a solid footing no matter where you put the table (carpet, hardwoods, tile). The play surface is slick, this means fast puck action and fun play for all levels. The commercial grade blower ensures there are no dead spots. The table has Air Chamber Channels that deliver maximum air flow to all sections of the Atomic table. The bulk of the cost for this table are in the materials (dense woods and a quality motor). The floor levelers are perfect for those uneven areas of your basement, office, or game room. Did we mention that assembly is simple. Just assemble and attach the legs to the top unit. It's heavy, will require 2 people to lift into place, but once done it's there for a long time. High end table that will deliver performance. Browse the most popular air hockey tables here.
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