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Air Hockey Table Review

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Atomic Blazer 7-Feet Hockey Table:

Atomic Blazer 7-Feet Hockey Table - The The G03510W Atomic Blazer is a great mid-range air hockey table priced below $650. The air powered table features a 120V blower motor - the puck really moves around and fast play is guaranteed. The flip up electronic scorer is a nice feature and the 6 inch pedestal style legs provide stability. Comes with leg levelers so that you can level the air hockey table on uneven surfaces. Assembly is easy and takes about an hour to 2 hours. The solid MDF rails and aprons keep the puck in play and moving throughout. The overhang rails also dramatically reduce those flying pucks. On tables of old the puck used to fly off the table all the time, but the overhangs pretty much eliminate that issue. The video down below shows the main features of the table and for the price it's one of the best tables in the $600 range. Browse the most popular air hockey tables here.
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