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Air Hockey Paddle Reviews

Best Air Hockey Paddles:

The first thing that consumers need to know is that an air hockey paddle has many names - mallet, goalie, or striker. You will see air hockey paddles advertised under all of these names. The closest description we could find was online in describing the air hockey goalie as "a small plastic sombrero". Those are considered the high top mallets and you will find flat top paddles that have a shorter top (or nub). The key is to keep the paddle as low to the playing surface as possible to get a good strike on the puck. The faster the puck is able to move across the playing surface the more fun the game of air hockey tends to be. I always tell beginners to hold on tight to the paddle and make sure their other hand is not hanging over the playing surface. All too often you see beginning players (kids and adults) leaning over an air hockey table with their fingers over the end rail and when the puck slams down on their fingertips it's not a pretty sight. The paddles should be able to slide across the table surface easily. Practice the various grips on the paddle so you don't accidentally have it go flying out of your hand. Browse the best selling air hockey paddles here. GLD sells a set of 2 blue paddles and 4 red pucks for less than $20. The air hockey pushers (as they call them) are made for home tables. Even the commercial grade hockey goalies are only $20 - made with Vebere plastic. Most air hockey tables come with a set of 2 pushers and 4 pucks or vice versa. Carrom offers up 2 black paddles and 2 pucks. The paddles are a little different and better we think. They allow for a better grip while trying to push the mallet into the puck. View the Carrom air hockey paddles here.

Key Features:

- high impact plastic
- able to slide across surface easily
- good grip


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