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Air Hockey Puck Reviews

Best Air Hockey Pucks:

There is not much too pucks you find on air hockey tables. They are typically made from Lexan polycarbonate resin. You'll find them in red, green and yellow colors. Some of the newer sets actually have shapes other than circles - you'll find triangle, hexagon, octagon, or square shapes. It makes for interesting ricochets patterns of the walls of the air hockey table. There are a few minor differences between the home sized air hockey pucks and those for tournament style tables. The home sized pucks are 2 1/2 inches in diameter. If you want pucks for the commercial sized tables - then the 3-1/4" in diameter option is best. They are cheap - 4 for $6 or so - and they last a long time. It's nearly impossible to ruin or damage an air hockey puck. Believe me, we have tried over the years and no matter how hard we hammer away at the pucks, they stay in one piece. You can browse the best selling air hockey pucks here. Top brands include GLD, Brybelly, Billiards Evolution, and Carrom.

Key Features:

- high impact plastic
- able to slide across surface easily
- durable


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