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Air Hockey Table Review

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Fat Cat 7-Foot Storm Air Hockey Table:

Fat Cat 7-Foot Storm Air Hockey Table - Let's start by saying that air hockey tables below $600 will sacrifice some of the features you find on higher priced tables. For one, the air blower systems on these less expensive tables tend to deliver less air over the playing surface. You may periodically find 'dead spots' on the top. Not a big deal, you just nudge the puck through those areas. As for the table quality, sure it may not be as elegant as the $1000+ ones, but for the money it's not bad. Takes a few people to do the assembly, mainly to turn it over once complete. The electronic scoring system on ours is working fine - although we know these tend to go out over time. There is a secondary manual scoring system on the table. Puck movement is fluent and the railing is solid enough to get good puck action off of the sides. Kids don't need the fanciest of air hockey tables, so we suggest this price range for those with younger kids that don't require all the bells and whistles. If you have any trouble with the air blower, we have heard of some owners taking the table apart and caulking the blower to seal all air leaks - which can increase air flow throughout the table again. The video down below shows the features of the Fat Cat Storm. Browse the most popular air hockey tables here.
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