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Air Hockey Table Review

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Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table:

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table - These tables are literally designed by the best players in the world like Air Hockey Champion Mark Robbins. You get the highest quality commercial grade blower motors, professional-style aluminum rails, and the laminate top is wear resistant. In short, this table is meant to last and play at the highest levels for years. We usually recommend these pro style tables for those wanting an air hockey table in game rooms in work environments or in social spaces at schools or churches. They can take the daily abuse and keep performing. Yes, it's expensive, but you get what you pay for and this table is one to consider if you expect plenty of action from friends and family. It weighs about 270 pounds and is very solid. You'll need 2 adults to setup and assemble the Pro Elite. You get superior bounce and bankability for pucks on this table, that is another feature the pros like and we have to admit there are few tables that give consistent play like this one. Browse the most popular air hockey tables here.
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