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Air Hockey Table Review

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Hathaway Midtown Air Hockey Table:

Hathaway Midtown Air Hockey Table - We included this one in the mix just for parents with younger kids. No sense in breaking the bank and forking out $1000 for a table with features you don't need. Hathaway is a recognized brand name in table games and the Midtown 6 foot table is just perfect for younger kids (10 and under). The 6 foot table fits in smaller spaces (standard sizes are 7 to 8 feet), has a scratch resistant surface, leg levelers, high powered blower motor, and an electronic LED scoring unit. The big plus on the Hathaway Midtown 6 foot table is that assembly is really easy. Compared to other complicated tables that require hours of your time, you are up and running very quickly. Kids love it and that is all that should matter. We wouldn't recommend the table for teenagers as we are not sure it could take the abuse. Construction materials are ok, but probably not going to hold up to that age group. Families and younger ones are the target market here. Browse the most popular air hockey tables here.
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